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Resident Quality Improvement Reducing Contextual Errors in Clinical Decision Making Academic Internal Medicine & Geriatrics Jesse Brown VA Medical Center No 06.24.2017 12.31.2017
Student Research - Clinical Qualitative Analysis of Doctor-Patient Audio Recordings Academic Internal Medicine & Geriatrics VA (possible via remote-access if eligible) No 05.15.2017 05.15.2018
Student Research - Translational Genomic Association Study in Sepsis/Lung Injury Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep & Allergy UIC - MICU No 05.15.2017 05.15.2018
Student Research - Clinical Probiotic use and its association with metabolic markers in US adults Academic Internal Medicine & Geriatrics UIC No 02.20.2017 09.30.2018
Student Quality Improvement Scholarly Activities in Infectious Disease Infectious Diseases UI Health No 02.14.2017 02.24.2018
Student Research - Translational Breast Cancer Disparities Hematology/Oncology UIC Medical Campus No 02.10.2017 02.20.2018
Student Research - Basic Science Epilepsy Development in Neurocysticercosis Infectious Diseases Anywhere No 02.10.2017 02.20.2018
Student Research - Translational Obesity-Mediated CV Disease in Ethnic Minorities Cardiology CSB No 02.10.2017 02.20.2018
Fellow Research - Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Technology Cardiology CMW No 02.10.2017 02.20.2018
Resident Research - Translational Epigenetic Effect on Hematopoietic Stem Cells from Alloreactive T Cells Hematology/Oncology UIC COMRB No 02.10.2017 02.20.2018